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    Very slow upload speed. What could be the possible reason?




      I just want to ask the community about this problem. I know a lot of you don't consider this a problem at all but a few of us see this as important as the download speed. I just upgraded my DSL plan from 2MB to 5MB because I badly need this for an online job. It is a requirement that upload and download speed should be fast however based on this speedtest results, download and upload speed is not in proportion at all. I've tried checking the community for the same topic however, I am not satisfied of how they answered the question. The replies are merely not a solution to the problem itself. Now, I've looked into one which says, it would be best to call Globe hotline for this matter. I've tried calling them with regards to this matter. They told me that they do not utilize the upload not as much as the download and they also told me to look for a tech specialist for me to be able to assure that there are no spywares which is a reason for slow upload speeds. I have a lot of devices and I tested them all including Apple devices and I still got same results. I asked them if it is possible to increase my upload speed up a bit because honestly, your upload speed should be on par with your download or the gap between the download and upload speed shouldn't be that far. If you look at this, correct me if I'm wrong, they're putting a limit to the download as well as the upload but if you call their hotline they would not even admit that they're controlling the upstream and downstream rate. I'm not saying that I'm expert on this however, I think this picture alone is enough for me to be convinced. I'm just a normal subscriber and I got confused on this matter and I need help with this. Your replies are highly appreciated.


      LOCATION: Bohol



      (This is a screenshot from the modem gateway



      These are the speedtest results:




      CURRENT SPEEDTEST RESULT:speedtest2.jpg





      There is a slight increase of upload speed but srsly?? 0.50mb increase?? This should never be the case, I think. For every 3MB increase of download speed, there is a 0.50MB increase in the upload? LOL.. I hope Globe will really look onto these matter and I hope for this to be resolved as soon as possible.


      (I've already checked with other subscribers in my area and they're experiencing this too, however, they do not know about these stuffs because they're just using the net for recreational stuffs.)

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          Hi. Just want to follow this up. Anyone there from Globe who could give me an explanation with regards to this concern? Seriously? This is not actually good for people like me who's depending on upload speed in connection to my online job. Please do understand and I seriously need an explanation to this matter. I don't even know if this is normal to everyone here in the Philippines.

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            Edward :)
            • Almost every speed test site tests for download speed, upload speed, and the ping rate. The upload rate is always lower than the download rate. This is a configuration set by the local cable carrier — it is not dependent on the user’s bandwidth or Internet speed.

                      The Difference

            • There is none. Download speed is the rate at which data is transferred from the Internet to the user’s computer. The upload speed is the rate that data is transferred from the user’s computer to the Internet. Cable companies set the default setting to download faster than upload. The reasoning behind this is that most people have more of a need to download information. It gives the user the ability to download movies, songs, and a large number of documents quickly.


            for more INFO you can also visit http://www.bandwidthplace.com/download-speed-vs-upload-speed-whats-the-difference-article/



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              Edward :)

              Two terms are generally used when talking about broadband speeds:

              • Download speed: The speed at which information is transferred from the internet to your computer. Better download speeds mean you can get photos, music, and video from the internet faster than if you're using a slow connection. You'll also be able to watch films and TV shows online with fewer pauses for loading.
              • Upload speed: The speed at which information is transferred from your computer to the internet. The faster the upload speed, the smoother the online experience you'll have. Upload speeds also determine how quickly you can send emails, post photos on Facebook or upload large videos or batches of photos to sites like YouTube and Flickr.

              On typical home broadband, upload speeds are considerably slower than download speeds, so don't be alarmed if you see a disparity between the two. Providers give 'downstream' data priority as most of us are more concerned with how quickly we can download stuff than how long it takes us to upload files.

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                As you said:
                "This is a configuration set by the local cable carrier"

                Question: Why are they setting it that way in the first place?


                And to let you know, download speed is not just the priority for people like me who depends on the internet upload and download speed for work purposes. We use Skype all the time and we need to turn our video ON for the whole duration so we need great upload speed for that. Other country's carrier are giving their subscribers parallel download and upload speed so why can't Phil Telco do so?


                Another question, if it's not dependent on the users bandwidth or internet speed, then is there any possible way to request for a higher upload speed? We are into global modernization so maybe before, it's still good enough to provide people with slow upload speeds as long as they keep prioritizing the download speed but now, it's quite inevitable that everyone's using upload as much as the download. Now, my question: Are all internet plans of Globe like this? (Higher download than upload speed). Another thing is that it differs by area. Well, I'm not quite sure for this so I'll just leave this be for anyone to comment about this. Please enlighten me on this topic. Thanks!


                PS: Thanks Edward for the answer.

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                    I have the same problem with you. Wanted to have a 2mbps or higher upload speed. It is available according to globe however it will cost you 20k pesos per month on 2mbps upload. For now, there is no way that is financially sound solution to this unless we will be covered with fiber or VDSL in our area. VDSL or Fiber internet is only available in metro manila area as of now. PLDT offers affordable VDSL/fiber in some provincial areas but only in capital cities.

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                      i'm also looking for a solution for this kind of problem.. it seems they really don't prioritize on upload speeds.. we started from a 3mbps connection then upgraded to 5mbps, then to 7mbps, then to 10mbps.. but through all those plans, the upload speed remained under 1mbps.. i've never experienced it going above 1mbps..  even with 10mbps download speed, it wouldn't mean much when skyping as the receiver on the other end won't get the HD quality with my upload speed being under just 1mbps.. by the way, i'm in metro manila.. and here's a result of my speedtest 5051522938.png

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                          Hello guys, valued "Globe" customers! For your problem with the upload speed, I strongly recommend that you check if the cables to the "DSL splitter" are connected in the right way. Phone to Phone and DSL to DSL! If they are connected opposite the dl speed will still remain pretty good while the ul speed doesn't.


                          The story behind:


                          We are with Globe for 2 years now or so. We started with a 2 Mbit connection until it did not work anymore. I can't count how many times we called the CS and we got a visit by a technician. New modem, cable, splitter and so on included. One day an agent from Globe was around and recommended us a new contract. So we did and, how wonder, everything worked perfectly again.


                          Besides that, I just want to say that Globe delivers exclusively "old" no up-to-date hardware to their customers.


                          Hence, it was a matter of time only till we were in need of a new modem. Meanwhile, we got modem no. 3 and no. 4! And here starts the story. Those technicians are just some kind of stupid dumbass, don't know the right password for the login even. Next, what I couldn't check during the installation, put in wrong login details. The result, it worked for a while and ended up in endless disconnections per day. And again an endless number of calls to their CS. We're wondering if those dumbasses ever got taught what "service" stands for? They tell you a bunch of bullshit and have no ideas on how things must work.


                          The only solution, a visit from one of their non-professionals again. And again the same procedure. Exchange of cable, modem and splitter. Finally, it seemed to work. But I started a speed test and ul speed was some mere kbit only while dl speed was ok. They were working the whole morning on the problem but couldn't solve the problem. They left for lunch and said that they will be back after lunch but have not been seen again.


                          I am a software- / system engineer and have more years of experience as most of them are in age. Hence, while having lunch, I was thinking about the problem with the ul speed and got the idea to check the cabling of the DSL splitter. Yes guys, I never spend a single moment on the idea that this non-professional dumbass will connect the cabling in the opposite way! Hence, I switched the cabling and the ul speed was back to normal.


                          But still having the problem with disconnections! We called the CS again and have been forwarded to one of their (non-)technical support staff. But to tell you the truth, without my knowledge and the admin login - no way! The password Globe uses in combination with the username is a "universal" password. After I set the right and unique password the internet works fine again. Speed is as usual and until now no more disconnections.


                          What will be the conclusion? Since the problem was not solved in an expected manner and time, the account was used (double connected) by someone else, I will deduct the outstanding bill by 50%. The other 50% you kindly ask from your unreliable staff which has sold my account details to someone else.


                          This behavior is more than just fair in my humble opinion since Globe has a (non-single sided) contract with me. We both have our duties. You have to deliver an acceptable service, which you didn't and you still do not to most of your customers while I have to pay for the service I receive.


                          A complaint letter to the NTC is in preparation. Not only because of that case mainly because you do not offer any account statements ever since Oct 2015. Business people's rule no. 1: no payment without a bill! You expect to get paid the bill on time, therefore, we have subscribed to the paperless bill but there is just nothing! We don't have detailed information about our monthly statement.


                          Hence, a final word to the Globe staff: Think twice, think wise. If you do not get back your damn ass to work, I will kick it to work, until that little pea (if there is any at all!), in your damn nutshell, will work properly again.



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                        Globe doesn't care about their upload speed. Mine is 15mbps download and 1mbps upload.