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    5MBPS DSL + Spotify Premium


      Hi! I recently availed the 5MPBS DSL bundle with Spotify Premium and HOOQ.

      My problem is my Spotify account is still FREE.

      I've tried calling your globe personnel.

      When I visit this site and type what I registered on my Spotify account (Date of Birth and email address used to register):


      this will show:



      I even tried this:


      I will type my mobile number, then I will receive a code, and when I click submit this will show:


      error_subscription on the address bar.


      I already tried opening the links to Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. I also tried uninstalling Spotify and reinstall again. Still FREE.


      It's been 2 weeks and my problem hasn't been resolved my only reason for upgrading my DSL is because of the Spotify Premium.

      I hope I can consume what is my money's worth. Thank you and Good day.

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          Make sure that your e-mail is the same as registered on your tattoo account. For help, please go to www.globe.com.ph/contactus

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            Same problem here! please GLOBE! Sana matulongan niyo kami! Ilang reference number na nakuha ko wala pa ring nangyayari... nagpa tulong na ako sa twitter, ganun pa rin. pina register pa ako ng gosurf at lahat lahat wala pa rin. Paano nga ba ito ma solve?

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                I am currently in the same situation. I recently upgraded my broadband account to 5mbps, and the ONLY reason why I agreed was because of the promise of Spotify Premium Access.


                I called countless times and received different reference numbers since June 6, even talked to different supervisors. I also received a lot of text messages informing me to use the Spotify after 3 hours or so. I was asked to do a lot of things.

                The last time I called, I was advised to activate it first via desktop (which by the way no one even told me I had to do so from the very first time I called for assistance). I was also advised countless times that my data should match my Globe account, verifying them everytime I call, and it does. I tried to activate my account using the last procedure. I entered my birthday and email address (both the same as my registered Globe account). I got a message stating "Sorry you're not eligible".


                The support I am getting from Globe is horrible. Different CSRs tell different procedures. One CSR even hung up on me (twice!) when I was already asking for the correct procedure and they couldn't provide me one. Some even blame the previous CSRs for their mistakes.


                I would not even bother to call again and again, had this been resolved from the start. I just need my Spotify to get activated and that's it! I don't even know what to do now. It is really frustrating.


                I hope this message gets in to you, and please resolve this ASAP. Thank you.

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                  Same issue here.. First rep selected NBA instead of spotify.. Made tons of calls to globe.. Been provided with millions of ref numbers sabi i escalate daw.. Until now, issue still unresolved.

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                  I have the same issue, i also called globe CSR for several times and they gave me the wrong instruction!!!.


                  I found the solution, what you need to do is to go to http://spotify.globe.com.ph/tattoo

                  And also please make sure that you use the same email address on your globe account.



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                      Oh yes, I did that a lot of times already. I have everything fixed including that email address and birthday. They confirmed it million times. I accessed that site and it showed that I am not eligible, after entering my bday and email address. This email address and bday have been confirmed as correct for numerous times already everytime I call. They also said it was escalated. Until now, nothing.