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    Water Damaged Premium Phone - Galaxy S5


      Hi I want to ask how will Globe assist me in my dilema. Hopefully I posted this in the right section. ^_^



      I'm on a plan 1799 monthly with a Samsung Galaxy S5 bundled with 5GB of internet monthly. I still have warranty.



      I went swimming in a pool and brought the device as I have used it many times before under water.

      - I checked the back cover and charger flap to make sure it's sealed.

      - Took a dip in the water with the phone not more than 1 Meter from the surface and not longer than 3 mins.



      After emerging the phone suddenly flickered and shutdown. Right then I knew water got in the device.

      I got out the pool, removed the battery, dried the device and later at home buried it in rice for 2 days.



      Device still turns on but the flickering screen from time to time returns and then when device overheats moist can be seen on the front and back camera. That's when I started to call Globe Customer Service and was given a certification to get the device repaird at the Samsung Service Center, I surrendered the device which still turns on the lady attending me saw that as well. However, Samsung Service Center called me after 7 days and advised that I would need to pay 21,000 pesos to replace and repair and damaged board and screen. I asked if they even tried to check the device, the man said they didn't open it yet due to parts that could go missing. I was frantic because they were qouting me this price without even checking the device itself first. I called Globe Customer Service and a complaint was filed in behalf of me by the consultant. It's been 5 days now but I'm still waiting patiently as I know this wont easily get resolved.



      I hope there is way I could get the phone fixed or if not replaced without too much burden.



      My points are:

      -The Galaxy S5 is advertised as water resistant, at least it should have not been damaged by water that easily.

      -Device is still in warranty.

      -A check or repair should at least been done before qouting me the price which is close to buying brand new.

      -For paying a premium plan, will Globe be able to provide me a alternative solution to this?



      Hoping for your positive response.

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          Globe cannot do anthing here. Your concern is on Samsung End na. You should talk on the manufacturer, Globe however can help, if the device was having a defect

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              I have retrieved the phone from the repair center and it is still functioning.


              The repair center didnt even checked it.


              The question I have with Globe is do I have any device security option due to two things I got the device from them and its offered on their premium plan.


              Im not asking much but do we at least have any consumer protection when it comes to false advertisement.


              I know I have to hold it up with the manufacturer but hey, Im paying for premium here. It's part of a plan. How would I feel paying for that amount with no phone? Thank goodness the phone still works.

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                  The previous post are right about the 7-day warranty replacement from the date of issuance of the device. Once the 7-day expires, the warranty is with any device' manufacturer already. The warranty is well explained with the terms and conditions of the plan which can be obtained at the globe store where you get your device.

                  The 'device security option' you're asking is a separate matter. You can avail such option via Gadget Care which comes with a separate fee. You can call 211 using globe line about it.

                  While it is true that this device is a premium one and it comes with a 'premium' plan, each has its own limitation. You cannot have the best of both worlds. Sadly, the device security lies solely on the owner's hands - giving DUE CARE with your device.


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                      I do understand what all of you mean. You all sound the same to be quite

                      frank and you all don't understand what this customer is looking for. I'm

                      not putting any blame on Globe for starters and I'm not asking for too much

                      from it.


                      None of you seems to provide solutions but instead provided policy and

                      ruling as to why Globe shall not act upon this event. Where is the customer

                      service? Frankly I dont mind you guys standing up for Globes protection

                      though what Im asking is just a very small piece of the pie.


                      Maybe it would help if this becomes a complaint so that by the next policy

                      meetings the managers can think of giving more security and assurance

                      option or coverage for premium plan holders, what you think?


                      Just to update you guys by the way, I retracted my device from the Samsung

                      repair and am currently been advised by phone from Globe that I may bring

                      the device in a Globe store for a check and maybe given the needed repair

                      if called for.. Maybe we better talk more if we had experienced it and if

                      we tried going the extra mile for a customer. ☺

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                    Globe only covers the handset's first week for replacement in case of any defect. Afterwards, the local authorized service center should take care of it for you (the one across Greenhills to be exact). 

                    Oh, if you are subscribed to Gadget Care, that can be covered under accidental damage.