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    Postpaid charges


      I am new with a postpaid plan. I hope someone could help me see things a bit clearer. 7 days into the 1799 postpaid plan I was curious to check my balance and found an outstanding balance of 59 pesos. Does this mean it will be added into the 1799 that I am supposed to pay monthly? I do not know how I was charged. Could it be due to my use of applications and net-surfing? I am now assuming (after I had the balance inquiry)  that I have to enroll in their lifestyle bundles when I thought all the while they have already done that because I ticked it off my application. Thanks for the information.

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          There are many factors which could result in your having that amount for your outstanding bill and the only way to explain it is when you check the details of your Statement of Account.


          In case you already have your statement, you may ask us again so we may be able to help you out explain what the details mean.


          We advise you NOT to pay UNLESS everything is clarified and explained well.