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    Tattoo with WIFI


      Nag pa upgrade kami ng plan with wifi, as of now di namin magamit to  other PC's at home. With IP conflict daw, pano ito ayusin, yung Technicia/seller ng GLobe nag install hindi rin maayos.  Sabi ire format. Why i format dapat ayusin lng ang paglalagay ng router/modem.

      Patulong naman,, 3 weeks na kasi, nag bayad kami ng Php 2.4K then may dumating na new bill worth p 1.7k, ano to..

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          Hi, It is just a misconfiguration of the modem/router lan network or there is an incorrect settings set on your laptop. I prefer right clicking the signal bars and clicking troubleshoot. it can solve some problems

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            Arnel S. Bansil

            Howdy anakin004!


            You can also give Jeian's suggestion a shot.


            Just to clarify, how many devices have been able to connect so far? When the technician wasn't able to resolve your issue, did he create a job order for further investigation?


            Let me know.



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              anakin004 Try this on the PC with the IP conflict.


              1. Open Command Prompt (Start > Run > type cmd then press Enter).
              2. Type ipconfig /release then press Enter.
              3. Wait for a while. Type ipconfig /renew then press Enter.

              If problem persists, it could be in the settings of both router and PC, or one of the devices. Diagnosis and network troubleshooting provided by your operating system could help as mentioned by @Jeian.

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                  I already did this. Also assigned Static IP for my PC and yet, no internet connection.

                  I am having a though why there are two modem, our previous and te new with WIFI. I am thinking that is the reason why there's an IP conflict. It is possible that we can sedthe new modem and remove the old one?

                  I asked hte seller. he told us that the old is used as a signal receiver. Why is that?

                  PLease help, no order has been made by the sellet to escalate the problem..


                  Thank you

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                      Just want to ask. do you expirience this with ine device only or with all of your devices?

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                          Sa Desktop PC lang di xa, no internet coonection (IPV4).  Pag inalis ko  ung with new mdem sa old mdem ko .. okay ang connection ko, but no wifi.

                          Wala kasi kao sa bahay ng pumunta yung aeller, pinillit lang mom ko,, e sabi onga bumili na lang sana ng wifi modem.  Nagdownpayment kami ng P 2.4K dahil dun then my dumating na new bill. for god sake...