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      Sent from my iPad  Hey globe!!  I would just like to ask about the globe mylifestyle plan of samsung s6 32gb. I heard its free for the plan 2499. I would like to know more details about it and what are the requirements needed. Thanks!!   Hoping to hear from you soon!!

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          clrod Hi there! For Postpaid requirements, please see the FAQs here: Postpaid | Help and Support and here: Postpaid Plan Application Requirements | Postpaid | Globe Telecom

          You also check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 via the following:

          1. Online: http://shop.globe.com.ph/products/samsung-galaxy-s6 (just scroll down to Plan 2499, click Add to Card. View your Cart here: http://shop.globe.com.ph/cart and proceed with the Checkout. Just follow the steps.
            • Globe suggests a preset* Plan 2499 with the following configuration:
              • 499 Unli Call & Text to Globe/TM
              • GoSURF 999 (5GB + 3 months Free Spotify Premium or HOOQ)
              • Photo Bundle 299
              • Work Bundle 299
              • Facebook 199
              • Viber 99
              • FREE 1 month Navigation Bundle 99
              • FREE 1 month Gadget Care
              • FREE 1GB Globe Cloud
              • P105 Consumable
              • Note: *To modify the Promo Packs that come with our preset plans, complete your order and an Online Sales agent will be in touch to help you build your perfect plan. To learn more about the Promo Packs, visit our myLifestyle Plan info page.
          2. Hotline: You can apply by calling 02730-1056 (new application). The Online Sales Agent will assist you.
          3. Store: You can visit the nearest Globe Business Store and bring the requirements mentioned in the links above. The Store Agents will assist you.


          Hope this helps.