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    Online Iphone 6 plan 2499 Application Process


      Hello there, I applied online application for iphone plan 2499.

      I called the hotline 730 1000 then the agent adviced me the things i need to submit with their email address and my ref #.

      but its almost 2 weeks ago i still haven't received any positive calls from them. they said after i submit my requirements there is an autoreply that says wait for 24 hours for the call and 3-5 days to deliver the phone. May tmawag nga pero tntanong lng nila if nakapagpass na ko requirements. sabi ko oo na. sabi nila check muna nila and wait ako ng 24 hours ulit.

      then after 24 hours ibang agent n naman ganon ulit tatanong wait ulit ng 24 hours. hanggat umabot ng 2weeks araw2 ako nagreresend ng requirement paulit ulit ung mga agent hanggang sa mapikon ka na. Paano ba to? please help