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    KYC process


      Hi po! Good afternoon! tjofgcash I would like to voice my problem about GCash KYC process. I've been to globe store already 2 times the past few weeks. And the customer rep always said to me that i am done with it because it said on the system that i am "currently validated". But why can't i use my gcash amex up until now? Additional info: one time i tried to cash-in in gcash, one day after i go through KYC process,in the globe store and i receive a SMS that said that i haven't fully done with KYC process. Can you please help me with this problem, tell me things on what to do and what to tell to customer rep, because i live where i have to travel for 3 and a half hours to get to the nearest globe store (which is 'globe store - elizabeth mall' in cebu city). Another additional info, i wrongly put my philippine address in payment method portion in my apple account instead of the US address. I tried to change the country portion but i can't, instead i get a SMS stating that i need to do the KYC process. Do i try to do the 'unlink-link process' stated in other topics here in the furom? Please help po!