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    I am currently on plan299 w/bbchat99(free phone bb curve)  and my plan will expire on July. I am planning to re contract. I wonder if I can still avail the plan 299 of globe but omit the bbchat99  since it's free using wifi and I want to ask what will hap


      I Am currently on globe postpaid plan 299 with bundle of bbchat 99 (the phone given to me was bb curve). My plan expires on July and I am thinking of re contracting .  I wonder if I can still avail the plan 299 but this time without the bbchat99 since bb chat is free on wife connections. My other concern is what will globe give me for my peso value of 250 which was allocated for my bb curve since the contract will be finished by July or is there a possibility that I get a free phone again for re contracting? Thanks.