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    can't connect to free facebook and free viber


      can't connect to free Facebook and free Viber


      why? nag reregister naman AQ sa *143# .. meron b tlga free Facebook tong globe? nung TM Sim KO.. nakaka access naman AQ sa free fb..kaso nung nag globe Sim na q..ndi n AQ maka access sa free fb.. ung APN KO naman..tama.. http.globe.com.pH


      help please

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          To check if you already have Free FB, visit m.facebook.com/free. For more info, text FREE FB to 8888.

          To check status just text FREE FB STATUS snd it to 8888.

          for Viber:


          To avail of the Free Viber offer, you must be registered to any of the promos listed. For text promos, you will only get the free messaging features. For text/call/sruf promos, you get the full Viber experience. Free Viber is valid as long as you are still registered to your call/text promo. If you are on a surf promo, you have free Viber until you use up all your MBs.