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    Globe Overcharging my Bill?


      2 years ago nag apply ako ng Globe tatoo home broadband plan 1099 internet+landline, ever since that time ay ang charge sa billing ko monthly ay 1,149 Php. Di ko alam kung yung sobrang 50 ay penalty sa late payment o para sa tax pero hinayaan ko na lng yun. Then 2 months ago nag upgrade ako ng Plan mula sa dating 1mps to Home broadband Plan 1299 which is 3mbps. Sabi pa sakin ng nakausap ko na taga globe na nag upgrade ng plan ko (kausap ko sya via phone) na dahil loyal customer daw ako yung pag upgrade ko ng plan ay may kasamang additional 50 Gig data for 3 months+free subcription sa HOOQ+Free call from globe to globe+less 100 php sa monthly bill for 6 months kung hindi ako nagkakamali. Nagulat na lng ako ng malaman ko ang bill ko this month.


      This is my Bill for month of March (take note 1198.99 ang bill ko)

      globe bill march.png

      This is my Bill  for April ( 1482.63 ang bill for April? Saan galing yun?)

      gobe bill april.png

      Can anyone from globe explain to me kung bakit naging 1482.63 ang naging bill ko at magkano po ba talaga and dapat babayaran ng pag sinabing Plan 1299. Ine expext ko kasi nasa 1299 talaga ang babayaran or less dahil dun sa promo.

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          Try to check your billing statement, at the back it should provide you the explanation and breakdown of monthly plan. Should you have any billing dispute,kindly contact the hotline via globe mobile dial 211 or via landline dial 730-1000 and file a report.

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              I applied for the PLAN 1299 3MBPS + HOOQ on (06/27/2015), and I just received my first billing today (07-10-2015). To my surprise, there is among the details for monthly recurring fee rental period for 07/06/2015 - 08/05/2015. In total, I am billed for June 06/27/2015 - 08/05/2015. Is this supposed to be an advanced payment type of plan?


              Also, since I was entitled for a 1 month free MSF, isn't it supposed to be that my billing for the succeeding 3 months should be way very small, since I have already paid the upfront payment. That is, upfront payment (1,299) + 1 MSF free, that should be around 2.5K+ that would be amortized in 3 months.


              Lastly, is there really an installment fee? I was told that installation fee  was waived when I took the plan.


              Hoping for any kind assistance. (Cebu City area.)

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                  Yes... postpaid subscribers always pay 1 month in advance and many do not notice that. This is what I also mentioned in Eh di WOW! Globe record profits in 2014 (16th post)... To quote:


                  For Globe Postpaid subscribers.... Do you know that we always pay 1 month MSF in advance?


                  Whether we use the inclusions of the plan or not, it is already considered as advanced income for Globe.


                  If we do not avail or avail LESS, they earn more. because cost of services is less.


                  If we avail EXACTLY what our plan provides (which is rare), they earn based on integrated profit margins.


                  If we EXCEED our availment then they earn even more through additional integrated profit margins!


                  It is only when we terminate our plans where the advance payment is applied but even then, termination is on real time and it is VERY RARE that the subscriber would even bother to collect on the prorated excess of the advance payment which again translates to additional income.


                  The other network charges upon usage by the way and not in advance and one of the reasons why Globe would have an edge when reporting income to its investors.