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    Knowing the original facts about DSL


      Just checked the URL below concerning the original facts about DSL :




      I've discovered what's important for me, the cost effective (not having to subscribe service that you had before) and dedicated connection (not exclusive IP nor CCIR)


      Key Residential DSL Benefits for Home Users

      • Always-On Service
      • Phone/Internet Simultaneously
      • Up to 25x Times Faster Than Dial-up Modem
      • Cost Effective
      • No More Busy Signals
      • No More Dropped Connections
      • Faster Unlimited Downloads
      • Faster Games
      • Multiple Computers on Single DSL Line
      • Dedicated Connection & Speed


      Don't want to make any implicit meaning nor accusation but I hope that Globe would continue to improve these what subscribers are using before.  Just got the results below which I used to have quality not less than B 5 years ago until 2013.  So sad that even support is seeing only what is written in the script if problem arises and not used their judgment to consult their superiors on this.



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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy nettewurk!


          I truly appreciate you doing research on the subject and sharing what you've learned with your Globe pals.


          But if I may ask, what exactly has been your experience with your Tattoo connection? I might be able to help.



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              Thanks for taking notice of this.  I don't want to become a nuisance since I've posted many inquiries, complaints, e-mail and call escalation, requesting consideration of being loyal subscriber starting from Innove 1998 from 512kbps upgraded to 1Mbps, 2Mbps and now 3Mbps but to no avail, falling in deaf ears or promoting another so called VAS paying an overhead cost which I've been using before.  See below on my wishlist below:


                   1. From 512kbps (520kbps sustained most of the time), 1Mbps (1.1Mbps sustained most of the time), 2Mbps (2.1Mbps sustained most of the time but now 2.3-2.5Mbps (peak rarely at 2.6Mbps) and not even reaching the promoted 3Mbps, short burst. 60-80% QOS could be further improved 98% or more.


                   2. Having a Plan 1299 (3Mbps), hoping to avail the free WiFi modem as indicated in your advertisement but I came from upgrade so I'm sticking with my ProLink Hurricane H5201 cable modem/router.


                   3. Having assigned from dynamic shared public IP address for me to use again my IP cameras, VPN connection thru modem and remote management I'd been using from 1998 until October 2014 (then 10.xx.xx.xx was always assigned to my WAN IP address), telling me only for service upgrade then before.  Now it became permanent and need to pay extra PhP 770.00 for static IP address which as a residential user, there is no need for this fixed IP address.  Virtual server DDNS or port forwarding functionalities render useless.  I'm in telecommunication and network R&D company and this carrier NAT grade applies to mobile data (3G/4G) connection only in countries I've worked for 3G-FOMA/4G test bed we developed before.  To make the story short, I hope that I could use IP cameras and VPN connection again without paying extra.  Globe would provide workaround for us to use these services which we were enjoying before.  Latency problems persist most of the time.


                  4. Hoping for unlimited download enjoyed until my 2Mbps connection before (I'm not DOTA/frequent gigabyte torrent download user) which limit 7GBps per day.  FUP was implemented from a precedence done by some that affected us all.  Throttling was implemented also.  Planning to upgrade to a higher speed to 5 or 8 MBps before but the new plans have limited byte size.   I'm uploading/downloading office files/emails in hundreds of megabytes sometimes in Gbytes but this would also affect my work.


                  5. Due to the above limiting quantities, there should be a Globe DSL utilities (like before until 2012) to monitor your connection, data size, password changes.


              Thanks for hearing me and I hope in some way to have some workarounds for the above and consideration to their loyal subscribers.