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    Dear Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi Sales Agents


      I would like to share our recent experience with Globe's Sales Agents. We really appreciate how they treat us as loyal customers; it made us feel very special. We have been receiving numerous calls from them, and every time we take their calls we were offered very affordable plans with great gadgets included... special mention to the Globe pocket wifi plans which include great tablets and other freebies like power banks, bluetooth speakers, etc...


      After declining their offers every time, another call got through us last February (the exact date, I can't remember), and finally we agreed to accept the offer. We were offered a Tattoo Pocket Wifi Plan 999 with a free Acer iconia tablet and a bluetooth speaker... according to the Sales Agent, we only need to pay Php499 upon delivery. It was a good deal, and we need additional portable wifi for when we travel (we have a Smart pocket wifi, however, in some areas, we are not able to get a reliable connection from them...)... so yeah, we agreed to take the offer. The Sales Agent transferred the call to a Verification person to (of course) verify some information such as our address, account holder info, etc... They didn't give us any reference numbers... But we were happy and excited. The agent said it will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. Yay!




      March came. No calls from any sales agent whatsoever. So we tried calling them. After getting transferred from one department to another, we finally were able to speak with an agent... but because we do not have a reference number, nobody was able to help us. So we just thought that maybe the call was some sort of a joke and we fell for it. And so we moved on.


      But then by the end of March, we received another call from a Globe agent. She said she was from the Sales Department and she's calling about the delivery of our device. She was in a hurry. Like she was in some sort of a timed conversation, LOL. OK, so she said the device will be delivered after Holy Week. Wow! After almost 2 months, the pocket wifi with the tablet is finally going to be delivered! Wow!


      And so Holy Week came by fast. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Nobody came to deliver. No calls. No emails. Again. And so we moved on.


      And then May came. We were on a meeting with a client when a Sales Agent gave us another call. Yay! I guess they need another one to fill up their daily quota! The agent offered us the same plan, but this time, the freebie is a free power bank. WOW! My husband took the call this time, and I was there on the background muttering "Ay, decline that! Hindi totoo yan! Gusto lang maka-quota niyan today". LOL. I guess the agent heard what I said, because she told my husband that this time the device will be delivered. OK. So I gave my husband the GO signal to agree to the offer once again... to test them and see if they're REALLY going to deliver the device this time. If it gets delivered, great job, but if not, that's fine, at least we got to know how reliable their Sales Agents are. The agent never gave us a reference number (again). She just gave us her name, and told us to email her a copy of our most recent Globe bill and attention it to her. Her name is Daisy. So we sent the email. We then received a text message saying our "application has been approved". Then we got a call from a Verification person again, and she told us the device will be delivered.


      Today is May 19th. I just spoke with a very kind Globe agent. today was the 2nd time I followed up on the status of the delivery of the said device that they offered us. She said there are no updates. No notes whatsoever if the device and pocket wifi will still be delivered.


      I guess the joke is on us again. Sales Agents scored twice.




      To the very active Sales Agents of Globe, we would appreciate it if you would refrain from giving us a call from now on to offer us to sign up for additional plans. We do not feel special anymore. We have decided to buy ourselves a prepaid pocket wifi instead. We refuse to contribute on your daily statistics.