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    Horror Story: Billing Reversals


      I have recently been trying to get a reversal from Globe the past few months via hotline, but each time I call to get this processed, they tell me to wait 3-5 business days for a text or call confirming that my reversal had been processed. Since March, I have filed 3 cases regarding the same matter, and not once have I received any text or call from Globe.


      To further explain my case, here is what happened:


      So at the end of last year, I knew that my line would be up for re-contracting again, and I had planned to avail of the iPhone 6 Plus. So I called Globe, and asked when my contract would be up, so that I could avail of the unit. The date they gave me was around the first or second week of January. I forget the exact date, but I availed past the day they had given me. So towards the end of January, or early Feb. I availed, and asked it to be charged to my bill, and so I received my unit. No problem there. Then towards the end of February, my line had got cut. This came as a surprise to me as I pay for my bill religiously. So i called the hotline to inquire the reason behind it. They told me that my bill had already reached 14k. This was a classic case of bill shock because my monthly billings would only be in the 2,700 vicinity every month. I asked for the breakdown, and they indicated a one-time charge for the iPhone I had availed. At first I contested saying this was suppose to be charged to bill, but I decided to pay for it anyway since I couldn't go too long with my line cut. And so my line was reactivated. Then on March, I received my billing statement, and saw that the first payment for the iPhone 6 Plus was put in, even after I had already settled it. And so, I call Globe once again to inquire about this. This time, they tell me that the one-time charge that I had paid in Feb. was actually a pre-termination fee because it was appearing on their system that I availed of my unit before my contracted ended. And so I contested, saying that I availed past the day they said my contract would end. And upon checking their records, they saw that I did avail past the contract end date, and that a reversal would be given. So I thought the matter had been fixed, and didn't think anything of it anymore. But then I got my next billing statement, and saw that no reversal had been given, and so I once again opened a case with the hotline to process the reversal.


      I have opened about 3 to 4 cases with the hotline, and every time, they give me the same response. That I shouldn't have been charged, and that a reversal will be given. But for when the case is actually suppose to be processed, Globe doesn't do it. I can't help but feel like they're spinning me around in circles waiting for me to forget about it. So today, I have decided to refuse to pay for my bill until this matter is fixed. The amount to be reversed is just too big to forget.


      Does anyone else have any suggestion at how I could speed up this reversal? Cuz clearly, the hotline is not working. Your feedback would be appreciated.