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    Free Sms to Globe & TM


      we subscribe for homephone bundle, they told us all globe transaction is free like calls and sms, but right now up to date bill they charge us for sending sms to TM, it should be frre, and when i try to contact them tru live chat they connect me to certain  mr. mark and he just leave me hangingv wihtout explaining everything how come their costumer service is like that.

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          Globe Home Phone/Super Home Phone are wireless landline innovation from Globe which offers free unmetered calls to landlines and cellphones.Only  call services is free with this home phone bundle,

          Local Calls and calls to Globe landline are unlimited/free, calls to Globe and TM subscribers are Php 6.50 and Php 7.50 to other mobile networks. if you will use this to send sms even if it is globe or TM number you will still be charge P1/160 characters.

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            Calls to Globe and TM, Landline within your area & Globe Landlines are free. Not including SMS to Globe/TM and to other networks.