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    Globe Postpaid Plan


      Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right thread but I really need some answers. So my mother applied for a postpaid plan with 5 GB internet (GoSurf 999) last April. The agent told us that the phone and sim was LTE capable. After sometime of travelling in NCR, I noticed that I was never able to connect to an LTE connection. When I went to another globe store, they told me that the phone is NOT LTE capable. So we talked about it and settled that they would replace my phone with an LTE capability. After getting the new phone, I tested it again for 1 month just. I seriously travelled, not just once, to most of the locations that they claim has LTE coverage. But then again, I had no luck. And now, I need some serious answers. Do the agents really know what they're saying? Or have I missed a step to activate the LTE capability of my device/sim card? I don't want to think that they scammed me, so I came here to ask this question. By the way, the previous phone was Samsung Grand Prime, the new one is Samsung Galaxy E7.