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    Is there a discrimination against self-employed postpaid line applicants?




      I have applied for a postpaid line yesterday, May 22, 2015 via Globe's online shop. I immediately got an email confirming my application together with a text message. I received three calls today which were all part of the so-called 'verification process' of Globe. I asked the last person I talked to, what would be next right after ending this call and she kindly informed me that I would be notified whether my application has been approved or declined in the next call that I'd be receiving.


      I forgot to ask her though around how many days I would be expecting the said call. I applied for an iPhone 6 64GB under Plan 2499. As proof of financial capacity, I submitted my Bir Form 1701 showing that my annual gross income last year was at around 310,000.


      I am not sure though if being self-employed would affect my chances of getting my application approved. Aside from this, I only have my bank statements to show since this is where I get most of the payments from my clients as well as the remittances that I get from one of my relatives. I had to cut my credit card last November so I don't have any credit card statements to show either.


      This is my first time applying for a plan. Is there any self-employed subscribers here who got their applications approved? I really need your answer. Thank you in advance!

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          I'm self employed and I have 7 postpaid plans under Globe alone and I don't think any of the telcos discriminate against anyone as long as you can show proof that you are capable of sustaining your plan over the period you are applying for.


          The proof would be documents which can prove that you have this or that, tax payments, contracts, bank accounts, etc. Many self-employed people don't bother to have documentations for one reason or another but if this is the case, how then can we gain the trust of anyone or a company if they are to hand out something to us like an expensive gadget?


          We have to remember that we are complete strangers to them so treat it as a relationship compared to lending money to a complete stranger.

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              Thank you so much for your inputs on this matter. I actually asked the last customer service representative that I've talked to if I still need to add more documents such as bank statements to my annual income tax return / bir form 1701. She told me that I've yet to receive the feedback regarding that matter so I am still patiently waiting. Although she did point out that Globe is not anymore accepting bank statements as proof of financial capacity. I was taken aback since this info is quite different from that of the websites list of documents accepted as proof of financial capacity. A bit confused.

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              There is no discrimination in postpaid line application.

              Everyone, including you, should undergo personal and credit check.

              Please refer to the list of the required documents needed for line application.

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                  Thank you for your answer. I actually applied first using Globe's live chat. Then an agent sent me an email with regards to the documents that I needed to submit. Ia ctually sent out the documents within the same day. After a few days, she sent me the following message:


                  Good afternoon Ma'am,


                  BIR form 1701 is under non-priority document, it means no matter how much your income is, it will fall under our default GMI (Gross Monthly income) worth P 10 000. If you have business permit that has your monthly income, you can send it to me. But if you will push through using this proof of income, we will have to follow our rules Ma'am.

                  This is actually the main reason why I wrote this thread. I don't understand why BIR Form 1701 is classified as a 'non-priority' document. I did not anymore continue the said application since I was offended by this certain rule. I applied again using Globe's Online Shop. I am now under their verification process and will be subject to approval. The next call that I would be getting would be about whether or not my application has been approved.


                  If they are disregarding your gross annual income as written on your annual income tax return, then, it would be quite meaningless to require it from postpaid applicants, right? Has anyone ever encountered or heard this certain rule being implemented by Globe?

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