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    Disappointing Re-contracting process of Globe


      I would like to raise my concern regarding my Globe Account. I am currently in plan 999 and my lockup period of 24 months has already expired. I was aware that Globe is giving Loyalty and Rewards program for loyal subscribers. From my understanding, I can avail a new phone based from my plan or get rebates. But I want to avail the Samsung 6 Edge unit which requires additional cashout given that my current plan is just 999. When I called Customer Service hotline and inquired how much will be the cashout for re-contracting, they gave me the same cashout for new subscription. If this is the case, then there's no sense of the so called "Loyalty Rewards" if there's no difference between old and new subscribers.. Shouldn't I have a discounted cashout or a rebate in my plan if I re-contract? I'm planning to recontract and upgrade my plan to 1499. I was expecting that there will be good offers for loyal subscribers but it seems that the only perks the Loyalty Reward can provide is just to retain my number. I am now unsure if I will continue my re-contract..

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          As I mentioned in my past posts, gone are the days that the telcos would subsidize devices whether for loyalty or new plans. Doing the math, the phones are actually priced the same or sometimes even more expensive than outside sources inspite of them being network locked. The only advantage perhaps is that payment period is spread over a period of months making it seem like an installment scheme.


          Bottom line is, do not expect any discount or subsidy. You are better off with a bill rebate and get the phone somewhere else. What people tend to overlook is the value of the plan and the need for it rather then letting the device dictate the kind of plan just to get the device.

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            You want better recontracting offers with lower cashout than that of new line application. 

            If I may ask, why are you now unsure if you are going to recontract or not? Did you find better offers somewhere?

            Or how would you like the Globe Community to assist you?

            We can launch a survey on how Globe may improve recontracting experience of its loyal subscribers. How does it sound to you? #WILLAsks 


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              Arnel S. Bansil

              Howdy bellevue!


              My sincere apologies if our recontracting offers were not able to meet your expectations.


              Take note that recontracting is still more convenient (as opposed to applying for a new line) since you only need to present a valid ID apart from being able to retain your mobile number. But as for our offers, yes, it would be best to coordinate your feedback through our loyalty hotline at +63 2.730.1300 since only our loyalty team is empowered to handle these cases.


              Hope this helps.



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                I have the same sentiments. Their recontracting offer sucks. Based on their offers, upgrading your unit will not be anyone's option. Its the same cost as being a new subscriber. Requirements (ids, proof of billing, etc) is not an issue. Globe should have a better package for their existing subscribers. All globe says when asked why it costs the same with new subscribers is existing subscribers can still use their existing number and will not need to pass any requirements. Duh! Good job Globe! This is one of the worst offer you can give to a loyal customer. Someone from your retention or customer service team should come up with something better.