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    Pls help me.




      My husband and I applied for a plan for iPhone 5C for PhP1,799 per month under my name. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints and unforeseen events, we weren’t able to pay the bills until it all summed up to PhP16,517.92 as of April 2015.


      Earlier this month, I received text messages from a certain Mr. Mondero, External Legal Office of Globe Telecom telling me that I need to settle my account immediately to avoid further inconvenience amounting to PhP39,311.72. I was so shocked because I was expecting that the unpaid dues would only be less than PhP20,000. So I decided to wait for my May billing instead, to see whether or not the amount charged is correct.


      Yesterday, I received my billing and my outstanding balance is Ph38,052.42 because Globe included their Pre-Termination Fee already. Again, early this morning, I received a text message from the same person but with different number to settle my account with an outstanding balance of PhP39,311.72.


      I really have intentions of paying my unsettled bills, however due to circumstances, I cannot fully-paid it at once. 



      1. Is there a chance that globe would offer some flexible terms on how can I settle my balance? Whom should I talk to regarding this matter? 2. After the this billing month, would I still be charge PhP1,799 monthly?

      3. Why is it that the amount on my billing statement differs from the one being collected to me from the said Mr. Mondero?

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          Yes, Just call them and they are happy to assist you.

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              Saan po ako tatawag if ever?

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                  Arnel S. Bansil

                  Howdy annef!


                  I really appreciate your honesty on the matter in saying that you intend to settle your bills eventually. Financial difficulties can happen to the best of us.


                  What I would suggest for you to do is to visit our nearest Globe store and coordinate your case to our customer service officer in charge. If there are payment options available, they'll be the ones to lay them out to you. You should probably pay a visit this weekend or sooner if you have some spare time.


                  Hope this helps.