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    Buying games from Steam using GCash American Express Virtual Pay

    TJ of GCash

      Hey guys, so we noticed that some GCash American Express Virtual Pay users are using the service to purchase digital products from Steam (especially that The Witcher 3 just came out). I bought a rather affordable game quickly a while ago just to share how we can purchase games from the Steam Store.


      What we need:

      1. GCash American Express Virtual Pay account (preferably already KYC'ed and has enough funds in it)

      2. The URL: http://store.steampowered.com/?cc=us

      3. Some pizza (kidding!)


      What we'll do:


      1. So as any good gamer will do, let's go to http://store.steampowered.com/?cc=us, and specifically to this URL only. Do not change it even if the sun explodes. The reason for this is the Steam Store needs to tag you as someone from the US using a US-only service, in this case American Express. If you don't have the "/?cc=us" URL suffix, this won't work.


      2. Go to your account details, and add your GCash American Express Virtual Pay details. Make sure to use your US address in everything (it can be found on the GCash app. Download it on Android and iTunes for free). Do not use your Philippine address.


      At this point, you should receive a USD 1/PHP 46+- verification fee from the Steam Store. Don't worry, that amount will be returned back to your account within 7-15 days.


      3. So, once you're successfully charged the USD 1 verification fee, you can proceed to your purchase. I did a transaction and shared the screenshots below:


      (1) Add to Cart (yey!)


      (2) Select Purchase for myself or as a gift


      (3) You will be asked to confirm your payment details. Make sure that it's on GCash American Express Virtual Pay


      (4) You will get a confirmation screen once your transaction is successful


      (5) The game you purchased will be added to your Steam Library


      (6) You'll receive an email receipt from the Steam Store


      (7) You will receive an SMS from GCash American Express Virtual Pay containing the PHP equivalent of the Steam product you purchased ($0.24 x PHP 46+- = PHP 11.04 more or less)



      So that's it for buying games from the Steam Store. With this, you should also be able to buy other stuff from Steam. Do check out our Help FAQs here: Steam Store | GCash | Help and Support.