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    how to load my globe tatoo pocket wifi using load card


      please help, how can i load my pocket wifi using load card without removing my sim? please help.

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          pinktie20 Hi there! Because you bought a Call Card or Load Card, you will still need to insert the SIM card to a Globe mobile phone. Calling the 223 access number is an important step in reloading.

          3. What about Call Cards? How do I load up myTattoo SIM using those?


          Simple! Just follow these steps:


          1. Go to the nearest Globe Store or loading station and choose from the available denominations of prepaid cards available for your Globe Tattoo: P100, P300 and P500.

          2. Lightly scratch-off the gray panel located at the back of the card to get the call card number and PIN.

          3. Use a Globe mobile phone to call 223, then follow the voice prompt to enter the call card number and PIN.

          4. Wait for the confirmation from the voice prompt that the load has been successfully added to your Tattoo SIM’s prepaid balance, and you’re good to go!


          from: How to Reload FAQs - Help | Globe Tattoo

          To check out other ways of reloading without having the need to remove your SIM, please see check this link: http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/how-to-reload-faqs