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      I have an unlimited mobile data plan, pero bakit meron globe fair use. e nagbabayad naman ako everymonth. tas bumabagal pa ang net ko.l nakakainis na e. lagi na lang ganun.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy kaileemac!


          I understand where you are coming from. However it's important to take note that the Fair Use Policy is in place in order to ensure a smooth and seamless browsing experience for all of our subscribers, and not just for a few. For more info on the Fair Use Policy, you can check out this link: Fair Use Policy |Plans and Promos | Mobile Internet.


          Hope this helps.

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              I wonder what Globe's position is regarding the implementation of the Fair Use Policy since they have been invoking that it is an NTC policy as well.


              Clearly, Globe's FUP implementation is NOT what the NTC envisioned it to be if we are to follow the discussions being made since November 2014.


              Some of the adjustments and regulations if we are to believe NTC hearings on Minimum Broadband Speeds looks promising - YugaTech | Philippines, Tech News & Reviews are the following:



              • Possible removal of the “Up to X Mbps” in the subscription plan. It will be replaced by an indicated average data rate per area.


              • Service downtimes will not be billed. Computation for rebates will be automatic and does not need to be reported by subscribers.


              • Data caps or Fair Use Policy will be limited to just 80% of maximum possible limit. Example: For a 1Mbps, the maximum limit is 128KB/s x 60 secs/minute x 60 mins/hour x 24 hours x 30 days = 331GB. Data cap shall be no less than 80% of 331GB or 265GB.


              • NTC will regularly conduct independent tests of internet speeds on several areas to check for consistency and reliability then report it to the public/subscribers.


              According to the same article "Customers who still have their old subscription plans that indicated unlimited data will be the ones who will benefit the most (so remember to not change that plan to anything new they will offer or else the “unlimited” service will also be removed or replaced with a data volume)."


              Perhaps the questionable implementation which goes against consumer policies may have some light at the end of the tunnel.


              It is really UNFAIR to throttle "unlimited" surfing (Globe deleted "unlimited" just a little less than a year ago for the same subscription that we have)... The Department of Justice's opinion says so (check my other post).... now the NTC even wants to correct the impression.


              C'mon Globe... show that you really care about customer experience.


              EDIT... the thread of my post of the Department of Justice opinion was deleted but you can chech the DOJ website at http://www.doj.gov.ph/news.html?title=DOJ+to+telcos%3A+%27Unlimited%27+means+unlimited&newsid=331