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    HOOQ Activation




      Pa help nmn po sa HOOQ activation.

      Im on MySuperplan 1799 with GoSurf 999.

      I subscribe to the free spotify premium for 3 months then nakita ko may option cla na maka change ng HOOQ subscription.

      So i changed my subscription to HOOQ then after sa start ng billing cycle ko i received a sms na e paprocess nla ang HOOQ.

      Hanggang ngayon d pa ko pa na receive ug activation code.

      Almost 2 weeks na, i contacted globe for this and they always say the will make a follow up then wait na nmn ng 24 hours.

      Wow 2 weeks na, wla man lng changes pru follow up tsaka wait ng 24 hours.


      Anyone who has this issue?

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          mmadss Hi there! I hope your request to change to HOOQ has been processed (FAQs mention that you cannot change from Spotify to HOOQ and vice versa midway the activation of GoSurf so I'm not sure how it went for your account).

          Regarding your missing Activation Code, let us know if this works:

          • Dial *143#.
          • Choose Surfing.
          • Choose HOOQ.
          • Choose Help.
          • Choose Resend Activation Code.
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              Nope it did not work.

              No notification received or any sms from that.

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                  mmadss This activation process is really troublesome. I was just going over the FAQs again now. Have you tried texting ACCEPT HOOQ to 8888?

                  Globe should really fix the FAQs page and make the GoSurf + Spotify/HOOQ promo trial activation hassle-free.

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                      Yup i even tried that and still no response about my HOOQ activation.

                      I even tried contacting HOOQ on this but there were no response from them.

                      I think it would be better if there is an option to reset my account and process the HOOQ activation.


                      One more thing. is it true that with GoSurf plan in our postpaid accounts spotify premium no longer expires? As long as you have GoSurf subscribe im also a spotify premium? same goes for HOOQ?


                      This is the only reason why i changed my plan to HOOQ since im about to expire on spotify premium.

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                          mmadss I hope your concern gets resolved by the support group soon. Spotify Premium or HOOQ will be free for 3 months upon activation of GoSurf. After the trial period, either service will auto-renew (will cost additional money) unless you opt out before it auto-renews.


                          May we know when and how you activated your Spotify Premium and how long have you had it? In the FAQs, it is mentioned that once you choose Spotify Premium as the freebie, you cannot change to HOOQ (and vice versa).

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                              Yeah im also hoping to get this resolved.

                              I even reached out to HOOQ Support but they cant seem to find my email address or any info of my account on their end so i guess this issue is within globe.


                              I think my Spotify premium will expire this coming June but i already unsubscribe to Spotify by the time i changed my plan to HOOQ.

                              I was informed that HOOQ is already free in GoSurf plans. No more free 3 months trial like the Spotify. As long as i have GoSurf plan i am subscribed to HOOQ.

                              So i think thats not the reason i ddnt receive the activation code.


                              I tried contacting globe earlier today and yes i have the same answer that they will escalate the account and i need to wait again to get it resolved. im tired of this already. -_-

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                      HOW TO ACTIVATE HOOQ


                      1: Go to www.hooq.tv or download the HOOQ app to activate your code and register and account. (For iOS users, you can only register via web browser.)

                      2: Enter your name, email address, contact number and password. Check the terms and conditions box once you read and fully understood it. Click Next.

                      3: On the Availment Method page, select “Globe Activation Code” to register the code provided.

                      4: : Enter your activation code in the Globe Activation Code box. (not case sensitive)


                      5:After the registration process, you will receive a welcome and verification email from HOOQ. Click the link in the email letter to verify your email address.

                      6:You can now start watching endless movies and tv shows via your web browser (www.hooq.tv) or via the HOOQ app on your tablet or smartphone.

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                        I also have this issue. I tried calling/chatting with globe's hotline agents/sales rep...but lagi nila sinasabi na just try to texxt HOOQ RESEND to 8888...tried this alot of times...but i didnt received any txt or whatsoever...i think the 3mos free hooq is a hoax....booo!!!!!