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    gotscombodd70 db ang limit nya ay 1g lang bkt nag kakaganto pa ?


      Your mobile internet allocation has been used up. Succeeding internet connections will be charged P5 for 15mins unless on a surf promo. To register, text: POWERSURF15 to 8888, P15 for 20MB or 1hour valid for 1day; POWERSURF30 to 8888, P30 for 50MB or 3hours valid for 1day; POWERSURF50 to 8888, P50 for 100MB or 5hours valid for 3days; POWERSURF99, P99 for 50MB valid for 30days; POWERSURF299, P299 for 300MB valid for 30days; POWERSURF499, P499 for 1GB valid for 30days.


      Bkt po may nagttxt pa ng gnyan parang kinakaen nya ung data ung 1000txt lng ang natira ?