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      Last May 24, 2015 I went to SM Mall of Asia to inquire about Postpaid  Plan 2499 with Samsung S6 handset then I decided to apply for it. They gave me the application form and ask me if I have the required documents to submit, I gave them my Company ID, PRC ID, One month Payslip and my ITR. I waited response from the person who assisted me and after 20 minutes he said that they will inform me nalang thru phone for my application approval. I Expected from their feedback within 3 days but until now no response for the status. I made several follow up via Globe Facebook Account, Twitter and even thru Email, they ask the same details as for my application then some replied to me that it's already on process and  told me to wait again for several days, It's quiet frustrating and irritating so this morning I already called their Hotline (730-1000) then I wait for the response of the CSR. And then again I didn't get the status of my application, In fact I was surprised because the CSR told me that my application was not yet on their system and he will make a Report Regarding this.


      Is this what kind of service that we get?  They keep their potential customer hanging and waiting in Vain. If I know that this will happen I should not wasted my time going to their store because it's the same as applying online. This is really not good service for me.


      I Hope someone can advice me on what I'm going to do to get the status of my Postpaid Plan ASAP.