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    GCash KYC Problem


      Hello there!


      I registered thru GCash iOS app and I received an email that I am already KYCed. However, when I tried to cash in at Puregold Jr. Ortigas Extension Cainta, unfortunately I can't cash in and I received an sms saying that I have not yet completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. And so I went to the nearest Villarica Pawnshop (Parola Cainta) Branch to undergo the KYC process, presented my passport ID. But the lady there said that I am already KYCed and my number is already linked to my GCash account. The only thing I can do right now with my Gcash account is converting Globe airtime load to gcash which I used to pay online to get my NSO birth certificate at NSOhelpline website.


      Can anyone please help me? tjofgcash TIA