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    Inquiry, complain and a whole lot more about globe wimax....


      Hello I don't know what's happening with my internet connection. I changed my location and changed my plan as well. My plan now is Wimax bundled plan 1mbps(999). I am teaching online using Skype (voice classes only) but the connection is intermittent. (Is this plan 1mbps good enough for Skype voice only use for 15 hours? Because according to one of the agents when I called the hotline, it's ok daw po.) Kelan po ba magiging stable? Because it's almost 2 weeks already. Someone came earlier to check on the antenna to find out that the guys who installed the antenna placed it against the tower.(Hays, grabe ang lugi ko po dito sa ginawa nila.) After fixing it, I have now a satisfactory readings of my RSSI and CNR. I thought everything is already ok, but again my internet connection is still unstable. I don't know if this has something to do with the modem. My modem is TL-WR941ND. By the way po, how can I change the username and password of my globe wimax? I tried the admin and gtadmin; user and user; and user and 0SlO051O but still I can't get through. And by the way for the old modem that we used for LTE in our previous location, are we still going to surrender it? And if ever yes, to whom?


      Thank you so much in advance for your help.