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    reached 5k


      You have reached the P5,000 total purchase limit for new. What does this mean??? I have to pay 5,000 pesos in order for me to transact once again?

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          krishamae_b Hi there! It's a notification indicating that you've reached a spending limit: According to http://www.globe.com.ph/help/gcash/amex/application-and-subscription:

          Can I register to GCash American Express Virtual Pay even if I'm not yet registered to GCash and haven't performed the KYC process?

          • You need to be registered to GCash first before registering to GCash American Express Virtual Pay.
          • If you haven't performed the KYC process, you will only be allowed to make transactions of up to P5,000 using GCash AmEx Pay. You need to get KYC'ed to transact more than P5,000.

          I'm a non-KYC'ed customer. How will I know if I've already reached my total purchase limit?

          • You will receive an SMS notification if you try to transact above your P5,000 purchase limit.


          Is the P5,000 total purchase limit monthly or daily transaction?



          • The P5,000 total purchase limit is the TOTAL purchase limit for non-KYC'ed customers. It is not a monthly or daily transaction limit.


          If there is an error or an issue, seek help by calling 2882.