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    GoSurf for iPhone 6




      I recently bought an iPhone 6 with Plan 1799 in a store in Trinoma. The salesperson told me that the breakdown of my Plan 1799 is 499 or the Unli Call/Text, 999 for the GoSurf999 with 5GB data, and 400 consumable. So far so good until my sim was activated this morning. I checked my plan details in the Globe website and I saw that the 1799 was broken down to 499 for the Unli Call/Text, GoSurf Pack 499 (3GB) with Spotify Premium and almost P900 consumable. I am now confused if the salesperson was lying or he just committed a mistake.


      To add to the confusion that I have (pardon me as this is my first time to avail of a plan), the GoSurf Pack 499 which should have 3GB of data just displays 594MB, is this supposed to happen?


      I hope that you can enlighten me on this matter. Thank you!