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    What is Earn Points via ALTAIR ?


      I don't keep track on my reward points regularly and only just noticed that I have 30 reward points left. I've never used my points before and I'm not on automatic rebate either. Last I know, I have about 150 reward points. I checked my transaction history and it has "Earn points via ALTAIR" twice December 2014 and twice again May 2015. Here's a screen cap.

      Earn points via ALTAIR.png

      Anybody knows what that means? I don't remember registering/subscribing for it. How can I stop it? Can I get my rewards back?

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          sisa_ Unfortunately, Reward Points earned from Jan 2014 to Dec 2014 expired last March 31, 2015.


          I viewed all my transactions and saw "Earn Points via ALTAIR" as well. "ALTAIR" could be an acronym, a code name, or just something to denote Reward Points. If you are still within contract, did you happen to have excess usage (meaning you went over your monthly service charge) last December, March, and May? Subscribers within contract earn points based on excess usage. When out of contract, subscribers earn points based on actual usage.