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    MyLifestyle Plan 599


      Hi Globe Community,

      Ive been a prepaid subscriber of Globe since I got my first phone and it was the Globe Gizmo sim!

      Okay so I wanted to become a postpaid subscriber ever since i entered High School but the plans back then where to high so I stayed with my prepaid sim.

      Now im a college freshman and i was wondering if i can signup for a plan specifically the latest promo which is the MyLifestyle Plan 599. Since the base plan is Plan 499, i wanted to add GoSurf promo for my surfing needs.

      Another question is that if i can signup for a plan, can I just get the sim and not the phone? Because since the phone in the plan is free and the only thing ill be pating for is the benefits of the sim, can I not get the phone. Thanks in advance! :)