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    5 years unpaid postpaid bills. Can I still negotiate for reactivation or continuation of the account?


      Good Day,


      I have a problem. I have a globe postpaid account (but I was not the one using the account, my ex-wife was) that was left unpaid and/or unsettled for almost 7 years now. I no longer do not know the number and definitely I have no idea how much I owe. I am afraid also in going to a globe store to inquire (you know why already).


      Now, I am connected to a company in which my position has a privilege to have a postpaid plan (Globe Postpaid plan). My dilemma right now is how can I have this postpaid plan provided by my company if I have an existing unpaid postpaid account from Globe?. Can I negotiate that my unpaid postpaid be reactivated and i will use this to enroll to the company as my postpaid plan? I hope someone understands my point here. Please help. Thank you very much..