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    how do i report a spammer?


      i Know these are spam messages.  So I am reporting them to you:


      text i received: " postpaid promo:  you can now use free and unlimited internet for 30 days.  To activate this promo text 300 FREE send to 29365050537 then after reply (YES) on the next message.  from 639264192105, 1049pm apr 23


      another one:  "GLOBE REWARD" Globe gives you a 50% discount on your next bill.  To claim your discount just text 300 and send to 29359737940 Reyply (YES) on the next message from 639359737940, 425pm, April 29.

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          Paulo D

          Hi ngvillanueva!


          Sorry to know this. You can report them at http://www.globe.com.ph/stopspam

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              UNFORTUNATELY, it would not send.why is it so hard to report a spam, when in fact this should serve you more than anyone.

              here it is: REPORT SCAM OR SPAM MESSAGESWe know of the hassle that comes with every spam or scam message that you receive. Because of this, we have been continually working to combat this malicious behavior. But to make this a fully effective effort, we need your help.


              We invite you to join us in our fight to stop spammers by using this webpage to report individuals responsible for these messages. Upon receiving the needed information, we will promptly respond by deactivating numbers proven to be repetitive sources of these unwanted messages.


              You can also help other Globe subscribers by sharing this webpage. Together, let's work to create a more wonderful, spam-free experience.My full name is* My Globe/TM mobile number is* My email address isDETAILS OF THE SENDER AND MESSAGE* Mobile Number of SenderDate the message was receivedTime the message was receivede.g. 9:45 PM* Please type in the exact message you receivedIf available, attach a screenshot of the spam or scam message.File Attachment No file chosenMaximum of 2MB only

              Multiple documents should be contained in one .zip file

              Accepted file types include .zip, .jpeg, .pdf, .gif, and .pngPlease provide the required information below.* I agree to keep the actual message as proof of my complaint and disclose my number in case of dispute by the spammer/scammer.






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              how do i report a spammer?

              reply from Paulo S in Postpaid General Discussion - View the full discussionHi ngvillanueva! Sorry to know this. You can report them at http://www.globe.com.ph/stopspam

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