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    Portable Wi-Fi Device Issue


      Hi, my friend had subscribed to Internet service with Globe. She bought an 'internet egg' (portable wi-fi device) which she used that emitted Internet that she could use through multiple devices.   After 4 months, she lost this egg and she did not want to pay another 2k for it. So for the next 8 months she did not pay the monthly fees that Globe had been billing.   Now, they want her to pay the remainder of the balance even if the services had not been used.   Should she pay for services not used?  She requested to use the remainder of the 8 months and pay the amount however Globe denied this request.

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          The fact that she was still under a subscription contract does not excuse her for not paying the monthly bill whether the service was used or not.


          The least that she could have done was to report the loss the moment she found out about it and requested for a temporary suspension of her subscription and not after 8 months after the loss.


          I would understand why Globe denied her previous request.