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    early termination fee / mysuperplan confusion




      I am currently on my superplan 499php / PV900 and my handset was lenovo A680. My contract ends on July 2016.

      1. What if I decided to discontinue and cancel my plan this coming July 2015, how much would be my early termination fee all in all?

      2. I am really confused with my bill. Ive never been using my sim in the last 2 months now except for occassional data for browsing and I would really make sure that i religiously check my consumned data usage on my online account to avoid being overbilled because honestly i have been paying almost 1k for this plan considering i am not getting what i am paying for. And in the last two months, i am consistent with my 800php bill which i dont understand why its still high. Ive never been subscribed to any promos whatsoever and if i am, im not aware of it. Dang. Globe, i hope you disclose all the necessary info and fees for every plans because i am very much willing to pay if i know the breakdowns of my services.