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    Recontract Vs New Line


      I have 3 Postpaid Plans with Globe and the last one that I had re-contracted was last January which is my primary line (iPhone5 to iPhone6). They didn't have myLifestyle Plan back then. My other account which is a Plan 999 is out of contract and I now have the option to re-contract or not. I dropped by a Globe store before going to work to ask if I can just drop my Plan 999 and apply for a New Line (iPhone 6) preferably Plan 2499. I don't it's going to make any difference if I chose to re-contract that line anyways. They told me I cant and that I can only get a Plan 999 for my additional line. The other two Postpaid lines that I have are both Plan 1799 and my primary line have 3000 credit limit. What are the prerequisites of getting a Plan 2499? It might have just been a misunderstanding with the Globe agent i talked to earlier.

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          The bottomline in your case is Globe through their records making a due diligence on whether or not you can apply for another plan worth xxxxxx based on the documents on record.


          An upgrade of the plan (like your Php 999 to Php 2499) or additional plan may require you to submit additional proof of financial capability in order for you to prove to Globe that you can sustain the additional cost on top of your present plans.


          Perhaps you may want to call recontracting once again and explain further your predicament and make it clear of your intentions.