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    Unbilled Charges increase


      Hi and good day, I have noticed the my unbilled charges is now at 500+ amount. I do not know what charges I did for my account. I have no internet promo, I only have free call and text to globe and TM. I have not used this account to surf, only to pass a load for 20php twice and text a few. Does anyone experienced this kind of problem? I already contacted @talktoglobe in twitter and in facebook, I also tried calling the 211 hotline and to no avail. I wanted to pay this asap in the globe store here in davao Gaisano Mall branch but the cashier told me that they cannot see my unbilled charges. I find this a mistake unless proven to me the exact details of this charges. Reply asap globe. This is outrageous.

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          Best is to wait for your Statement of Account to validate what is being billed to you. If it is not correct then you could always question and not pay for it until the issue is resolved.


          The Statement of Account is supposed to be an official document duly delivered and documented received by the subscriber for charges imposed by the company asking for it and a basis for reference for any consequences that may arise for the payment or non-payment of the amount being charged.

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