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    Weak Network Signal


      I'am using an LG G3 handset. Currently experiencing an issue with network signal specially in my room.
      Having difficulties on sending and receiving text messages.
      Ok naman sya pag nasa labas ako ng room ko, much better nga kung sa labas pa ng bahay.
      Been thinking tuloy kung may signal jamming device sa bahay or kwarto ko causing this. HAHAHA

      Hope any one from globe can atleast help to improve their signal on our area

      Location: Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite

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          I have the same problem on my phone. Even removing cases did not solve the problem. Sa kanila na ang may problema at hindi satin.

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              Cellular signals are actually just radio signals and geographic characteristics and conditions have an effect on the strength of the signals.


              Obviously, enclosed areas would receive weaker signals than outdoors where signals are unobstructed.


              If Globe cannot redirect the propagation of their cellsites to strengthen their signals in your place (to cover even the covered areas of your house) or provide you with a femtocel (a small cell connected to your broadband connection to connect directly to the Globe network via your broadband connection but is only given to qualified subscribers), then your only recourse is to pinpoint an area in your room where you could receive the signals and just use it there. Otherwise, you might have to go out every time to use your phone.

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                  Hi @ChitoReyes

                  I do get your point, yeah obstructions can affect the signal.
                  However would like to know if Globe is aware regarding the fact that some area's are still having an issue with their network signal? Are we as customer can at least expect an improvement? (Not sure if you can answer this or provide an information as I'm not ure if you're a Globe rep.


                  Because, base from your earlier statement.
                  Seems that Globe is telling us or referring that we are the one who need to adjust so that we can or if we would like to use their services? (Not being sarcastic, but that's what my understanding)

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                      Globe's awareness always depends on our feedback and of course, acting on it would be another issue.


                      Their actions I suppose would really be dependent on how much financial impact it would create as an effect of the proposed improvement. Based on experience, you are powerless if you are just one and Globe may listen if you are many.


                      The sad reality is that oftentimes, the subscriber has to do the adjusting unless these improvements are acted upon (if ever).

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                    Yeah, I thought it was the phone that has a problem.
                    Pero knowing that I can receive and send messages swiftly out side the and some area inside the house
                    I think, globe nga ang need ng improvements regarding their signal.