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    Tech visit


      Good evening globe Community, we just recently installed an internet & phone service with globe on June 7. Everything was fine on the first days of service after installation but on monday, June 8. We suddenly lost ALL of our connection. Starting on that day we started calling the TalktoGlobe Hotline, until now. Requesting for a troubleshooting that later on resulted in a supposed to be tech visit. So we waited on the scheduled tech visit the next day from 1pm-8pm, but no one come. We me made a follow up and they assure us that on the next day a tech will attend to us. But then again no one showed up. We made the same process again and again, we're making a follow up everyday. Imagine the building frustration. So, right now, we're just hoping that someone in this webpage will help us. Or just give any explanation why is that not even a single tech attended the scheduled appointment despite of all the follow up that we made. Thats all. Hope someone will answer us thanks.