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    Game of Thrones S5 Finale--What Just Happened?!




      This post is dark and full of SPOILERS!


      Season 5 of Game of Thrones just ended and that last scene--darn it! As soon as I read "TRAITOR" I knew Jon was in danger. Did you feel it coming too?


      The show runners say "dead" means dead at this stage and Jon is SO DEAD what with all of those stabs. I have my fingers crossed for two possible theories which may save Jon though:


      • Melisandre is back at the wall. What do you think she'll do with/for/to Jon? (R+L = J  and all the king's blood jazz. Shall we discuss this in another post?)
      • There's Ghost somewhere, right? The Stark kids (in the book) are known to warg into their direwolves. Can Ghost play host to Jon's spirit and save him?


      Let me know your thoughts and drop a comment below! If you have other theories, I'd looooove to hear them.