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      Hello! we've using globe for almost 2years already. we don't complain usually since globe's service has been good. our internet connection was so perfect until last june 3 or 4, their came here sa house and replaced our wimax into huawei b593 since they'e been doing that daw. Pero the moment na na palitan nila biglang humina na yung connection namin. that even opining the google site takes a lot of time. my question is can we request na ibalik na lang sa dati (WiMax) ung modem namin.?


          I think they no longer offer Wimax thats why they change your modem to different technology....

          have to call the hotline for further checking why you encounter slow connection.... simplybebzz


            Your only recourse is to report it to Globe so that they can do something about it right away.


            From experience you really have to report it otherwise Globe will not do anything.


              Check your modem wireless status especially this:






              if you can get the right value.


              post the screenshot of your RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ and SINR


              Note: Even if you get the right value of the modem wireless status still internet connection is inconsistent.


              This are the question will be asking for you if you report slow internet connection.


              1. Check the connection status on the modem homepage. To access modem homepage, please refer to the following steps:
              a. Open a browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).
              b. Type in the address bar then click Log-in.
              c. Under Status, check the connection status.
              d. If connected, isolate PC by removing 3rd party devices like hub or switch.
              e. Cease all downloading activity such as torrent.
              2. Reaccess modem homepage.
              3. Under the Wireless status, take note of the RSRP, SINR and Cell ID values. Take a screenshot and attach it to your response.

              *If no signal reading, retrieve from modem homepage,
              May We verify what time do you experience slow connection?

              • If within peak hours (6:00 PM-10:00PM), kindly monitor your connection.
              • If not within the peak hour, proceed below:

              1. Open www.speedtest.net (Globe-MAKATI) and make sure it is the only website open on your computer.
              2. Perform three (3) speed tests and send us the result of each (more preferably through screenshots).

              *If no signal reading retrieved from modem homepage or can’t access speedtest.net or having slow response,

              1.) If using Windows 7, click Start menu. If using Windows XP click all programs then click Run.
              2.) On the search box, type cmd or command prompt then hit Enter.
              3.) In the command prompt, type; Ping<space>www.yahoo.com or Ping<space> -n 50www.google.com and then press Enter. Kindly screenshot the ping result then send it back to us for checking.