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    Achievement Unlocked: Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced!

    Rust Cohle

      My original copy of Final Fantasy VII was supposed to be a gift for a friend who was celebrating his birthday in a week. I figured he'd appreciate a game he could sink copious amounts of time playing during the summer vacation. So I went to the store and picked one with purely white packaging except for the singular caricature of what looked like a meteorite on the center with letters superimposed on top of it that read – Final Fantasy VII.


      I was an innocent little kid. I had no idea. It took me three days to pop the first disc into my own Playstation, deciding to get my friend another game instead, and a month to finish the Japanese RPG game in which all subsequent Japanese RPG games would be compared from then on out. Including the Final Fantasy VII remake that was just announced last June 15 at E3 2015!


      Yes, my dear gamers! After almost 20 years, Final Fantasy VII is going to be remade and I've got the first teaser trailer to show you right here!



      I think a part of me died inside and immediately sprung back to life when I heard about this great news. I am a BIG Final Fantasy VII fan (Final Fantasy VIII was just okay) and this news of a remake from the same director of the original game is enough reason for me to seriously consider picking up a PS4.


      The rundown city of Midgard, the evil Shinra Corporation, Cid Highwind's airship, the heartbreaking death of Aeris, and Cloud Strife's awesome buster sword. All remade in glorious high-definition quality, modern-day graphics. I seriously cannot wait!


      Proceed with caution though. The game's director said in an interview that this won't be a shot-by-shot duplicate of the original classic. He said it's why he's calling it a "remake" and not a "remaster". Some things will carry over, but other things will be changed.


      What do you think of this news, fellow gamers? What elements of the original Final Fantasy VII would you change and what would you rather remain untouched?