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    Life Lessons We Can Learn from Ed Sheeran and His Songs


      There are ways how we acquire lessons in life. One is seeking advice from people who have experienced the same situation and we often call it the easy way. The other is when you become one of those people who have encountered the situation; that is the hard way. Maybe you don’t know it yet so I’m telling you, sometimes, Ed Sheeran has your back in these kinds of situations! Here are pieces of evidence that will convince you:


      “I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house, if things go wrong we can knock it down."


      These are the first words that will greet you in Ed’s Lego House. Mistakes. We all have them. You cannot undo them but you can change its course and set it right. So what if you have made a wrong step? Do not be frightened to start all over again because the next attempt will be better than your last. It becomes better and better that one day, your lego house will be rebuilt beautifully.


      Ed Sheeran - Lego House [Official Video] - YouTube


      “What didn’t kill me, it never made me stronger at all.”


      This, from Ed Sheeran’s Drunk, opposes many song lyrics made. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t right. Not all the time, you will have to gain strength while having problems.  There are rare times that you need to stop trying to win the fight. Give up, close the door and let it go. You will feel weak after emptying your palms but trust me, there will be something better to come. Good things are constantly arriving!


      Ed Sheeran - Drunk [Official Video] - YouTube




      “And maybe you should learn to love her like, like the way you wanna be loved.”


      Well, this is not only about love; this is applicable in every aspect of life. You will receive the same treatment that you give to anyone. As simple as that. A saying touched my thoughts, “Huwag mong gawin sa kapwa mo ang ayaw mong gawin sa iyo.” That one, remember? Gold Rush will remind you of that and your parents will, too, for sure!

      Ed Sheeran - Gold Rush Lyrics Video - YouTube


      “And if we should die tonight, then we should all die together.”


      A song for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I See Fire gives out sense of camaraderie. I know you’re thinking about your BFFs now. It isn’t always expressed in words but we all know—deep in our hearts—that we never ever let our best friends fight battles alone. We never turn our backs on them no matter how worse the situation is. There are those moments that we even know the outcome of the conflict will not result the right way, but we still remain fighting alongside them. That’s how friendship works.


      Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Music Video) - YouTube



      Those are just four out of too-many-to-count amazing songs he made. Thinking Out Loud, Give Me Love and Tenerife Sea are just as good! You may listen to all of them using Spotify. You may pick your favorite songs and compile them in a playlist that can be the soundtrack of your life!


      I trust your taste in music.  Have a good day, folks!