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    Data Cap iPhone Plan


      Last year, I applied for iPhone Plan 999 which includes "unlimited" data which is 1Gb a day, 5-minute call, and 100 sms. I also asked @talk2globe before about my data cap and he confirmed that it is 1Gb a day. I was literally consuming almost 1Gb a day until this march of this year, they started to warn me of consuming 3Gb a month something about FUP and i will be put to slower speed. Can someone tell me why they lowered my data cap and what to do?


      Also, if my plan has just 3Gb/mo which is P499 on their promo, and 100 text and 5-minute call bundle, then I am paying a lot more. Can someone explain the "1gb/day or 3Gb/mo" FUP, pls. thanks