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    Wimax Installation fail -Application ref# SNS15060002747


      I applied for a new Globe wimax plan 999. First thru online application. After submitting the requirements, the installation team arrived at our house the next day. Only my wife and kids are at home. After their initial testing and installation they informed us that there is no signal in our area and told us to cancel our application.  After they left our neighbor inquired about the installation. When they found us that we don't have any signal, they ask how come we have no signal since they are also using Globe wimax and their signal strength is good. Their house is just beside us and their antenna modem is within reach. So my wife called me and i called customer support and they told me they are sorry to hear about it. They verified that my neighbor is really using Globe wimax and there should be no problem. I ask if i can try again to have my application processed and installed. They told me to apply again since my application was already cancelled. I applied again but thru phone application. same process. The same installation guy arrive and tried again installing. Same problem. He calls me up and told me that their is no signal in our area. I told him about our next door neighbor using the same plan. He told me he can't explain why they have a signal and we don't. I asked if he tried using other modems. He told me that its not possible because that is the modem antenna issued to us. I told them i will not cancel my application again since as far as  i can see there is no with the signal in our area because we have another neighbor two doors away using Globe Wimax.


      Can someone please help us. Globe DSL and LTE is already full in our area.

      Application ref# SNS15060002747