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    hooq on smart tv


      i was told that hooq should work with smart tv by the rep who called me and offered this upgrade..however, when i tried it asked me to install silverlight plug in. is there a chance i can watch it in my smart tv?

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          dgolvido Were you able to install Silverlight on your Smart TV? I think what the rep thought was that you would mirror the content using your device (iOS/Android) to your Smart TV via HDMI (or VGA). If the latter is the case, then:

          Due to content rights, some content may not be available for TV projection.


          from: Home - hooq

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            Paulo D

            Hi dgolvido!


            Good day!


            Currently, HOOQ supports the following devices and operating systems:


            Platforms - Minimum Operating System

            • iPads, iPad Mini and iPhones - iOS 7 and above
            • Android Phones and Tablets - Android v4.0 and above
            • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac OS X 10.6+


            PC Browser:

            • Internet Explorer - 10+
            • Chrome - 23+
            • FireFox - 20+
            • Safari - 5+


            When you are using HOOQ via PC browsers, you need to install SilverLight. This is a free web-browser plug-in that allows you to play HOOQ videos on your browsers.

            You can visit this link Home - hooq to learn more on how to use HOOQ.


            Hope this helps.