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    Globe Reward Points for Multiple Lines


      Hi. I have two postpaid lines and upon. Both of them earn reward points but my 2nd line is used by my sister and she is not redeeming any rewards. At first I thought that since both lines are under my name, the reward points of both account are cummulative (added) so that when I inquire for my available points via my 1st line, what I see is the cummulative value. But upon checking on the globe dashboard I saw that my 1st line has "96 reward points" while my 2nd line has "91 reward points" (which in my view means the points are not cummulative since they have different values).


      My question is, "Is there a way to automatically transfer the reward points of my 2nd line to my first line?"

      Or "Do I have a way of doing the transfer manually even without physically handling the 2nd line?"


      Thanks in advance for your answers.