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    Cellular data skyrockets ever since I renewed my contract.


      I am extremely baffled as to how my cellular data skyrockets ever since I renewed my contract. Just last cycle, I exceeded my 5GB limit even if I haven't used my mobile internet that much. I already escalated this concern and was promised to use the so-called "goodwill" to make the necessary adjustments.


      Then just now before I ended my call with one of your representatives, I was noted that my remaining cellular data is just 1.20 something GB! Like it's just 5 days since the start of my new cycle for June to July)! And not just that, I turn off my cellular data when I sleep, and oftentimes I use WiFi in the morning so I can save up my cellular data! As a matter of fact, before I called the customer support this afternoon, I checked and refreshed my account in the GServices app and it shows that I still have plenty of data for use (I just spent less than 2GB since June 18, start of my new cycle). But your system tells that my remaining data is just 1.20 something GB according to the representative. There seems to be a discrepancy or mismatch or inconsistency!


      As a loyal subscriber and someone who pays his bills ahead of time (I actually always have over-payment- and my account can speak for itself, these kind of incidents make me realize to either return as prepaid user or switch to other networks (who will not give me such dilemma).



      Please don't tell me to monitor my internet usage 'cause I always do! All means, actually - Gservices app, www.globe.com.ph, checking balance and unbilled charges thru 2312, and calling your customer hotline.