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    long wait just to activate a new sim!! why?


      05/28/2015 new plan for load tipid 300 was approved.. offered over the phone

      06/11/2015 unit + sim was delivered in our house

      06/11/2015 sim was called in to activate @globe hot line 7301000 followed the prompt and entered serial # at the back of the sim.

      voice prompt advise wait 24-48hrs for the activation

      06/12/2015 called customer care to do ffup advised me to wait a bit longer... advised me to on/off cp and refresh bat and sim every now and then..

      06/13/2015 went to mega mall asked a cust care rep and I was advised they have no control on plan offered over the phone and all they can do is ffup as well with the custcare over the phone.

      06/15/2015-06/19/2015 whole week refreshing my phone just to get signal on the new sim and did numerous ffup with cust care and still no result

      06/20/2015 went to megamall again to have my old sim activate its lte features globe provided me a new sim with same number and same instruction on activating it and guess what no signal as well.... NOW I GOT 2 PROBLEMATIC SIMS THAT NEEDS SIGNAL.

      06/21/2015 went to shangrila globe and they said the same thing...  that they have no control on the sims all they can do is ffup with custcare over the phone all they can assist is sims or applications that came out from their store... weird...

      06/22/2015 I was so happy globe called me expecting they got results on my problematic sims... funny thing is its the telemarketer again again....  giving or offering me to have another line which have 599 monthly preapproved same scenario with the previous one.. oh god give me a break whats wrong with you guys?????

      if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it...

      additional info im using 2 cellphones to refresh sim every now and then following the troubleshooting guidelines...

      tell me if theres something I miss...


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          Welcome to Globe... where patience is a virtue. You have to learn how to follow things up systematically citing out reference numbers of your report and continuously calling up the hotline and monitoring the situation from your end.


          More often, the CSRs are not to be blamed for the "system" dependent culture of the company which they act as front liners for.


          Your best bet is to pray that somehow they would act on it immediately without doing so much inconvenience for you.

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            globe called me again yesterday asking me about the cel# of my load tipid plan so they can register it in the system

            me: anong number?

            agent: yung cel # po sa likod nung sim na dineliver

            me: eh wala naman number yun eh inaantay ko nga iactivate  nyo na magkaroon ng signal para malaman ko din ano ang number. araw araw nlang itinatawag ko sa cust care nyo ito para lang ma activate

            agent: ah ganun po ba oh cge sir tawagan na lang kita ulit.

            me: ??????????????? %&^***%$....