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    I'd like to have a clear explanation


      I've been calling globe hotline for a couple of days this week. I asked about my bill and the representative in the recontracting department assured me that i will expect a return call from them within 48hrs. 3 days have passed and i hear nothing from them. My main concern is about my bill which have a balance of P11,738.00 ++ . I recontracted with globe and upgraded my plan to P1,499.00 with an iphone 6plus. They billed me P20,400.00 for a gadget cash-out. I paid the exact amount upon the delivery of the handset. I checked my first billing statement and it got me confused because it says -18,000 +, another bill came and it costs the 11.738.00. To my confusion i called the hotline because in the billing statement there is a one payment which costs 25k++ plus the tax amounting to 3k++ . The first one that i talked to said sorry because he can't understand what happened to my bill. He advised me to call to the recontracting department which i did. I ask him where did that one time payment came from? I already paid for the gadget cashout. The other representative told me that my payment became an overpayment because it reflected in the bill to early. I asked is that my problem? I am clearly informed and also it is stated in the bill that the P20,400 i paid is for the gadget cash out. The representative said. I am sorry for the mis information but the gadget cashout for the handset is 28,800. I told him that i know that to myself since i checked your web regularly. What im asking is who quoted me 20,400 for the gadget cashout? Where did that amount came from? I am expecting that I already paid for the gadget cash out, and the regular bill monthly amounting to 1,499.00 (if i did not use any on top of my acct.) i was shocked to see that you are billing me again for a gadget cash out. I want a clear explanation for this. I was also informed that the 501.00 remaining balance from my lifestyle plan was a regular load and i can transfer the load to another globe number and again i was billed. The representative told me that it was a consumable amount which i can just use to call, text, or surf that when i transfer the load it will be billed on top of my account and again sorry for the mis information. I am really tired of hearing that phrase!!!! I AM SORRY FOR THE MIS INFORMATION. What about my part? Sorry just sorry. I even asked this to the globe store and they informed me that i can transfer the load because it is a regular load not a consumable!!! I am ok with plan 999 but since i thought the 501.00 is a regular load i go for the plan 1,499.00. I am so disappointed on this matter. I've been a loyal globe consumer for two years, and this is what i got in return? All misleading information. Sorry just sorry. What else? Long waiting time for a representative to talk to me. Oh, and one more thing. On my other account which is deactivated i have an overpayment. The bills kept coming even though the line is deactivated so i asked again and they told me that it was an overpayment. How come in the bill it was written TOTAL AMOUNT DUE? total amount due means overpayment? Hahahaha. Why can't you put it as an overpayment? I paid because I thought that i still have a balance and the bills kept coming. I hope you can resolve this issue because up until now i am waiting for the return call which the representative in the recontracting department promised me.